Pilgrimage Begins: Holy Cathedral of DIA

“Nothing on my tongue but hallelujah” –Leonard Cohen

The goal of any pilgrimage, of course, is to first experience and then express uninterrupted love, unconditional love– that love which can not be diminished or tainted by any condition. I translate this to mean uninterrupted, unconditional happiness. I go on this pilgrimage to experience and express unconditional happiness. Why else would I–we– want to go on a pilgrimage? Or anywhere?
So that’s the set-up. That’s the ideal.
Failure # 1: Ten minutes to the east of our hometown,  before we even get to he Abbot’s house, we run into road construction. Stopped in the middle of the highway. Delayed. Waiting for the single line of traffic so we can take our turn. The roads have been used — and abused– by the huge trucks working in the oil fields to the east. How can God expect me to be happy when their f&*%$^&n Fracking and tearing up our roads?
Failure #2: Loud radio playing on the way to the airport. How can God expect me to be happy with THAT going on?
Failure # 3: The guy in front of me in line at Panda Express, DIA, treats the girl behind the counter like a lowly serf. He’s a big, fat ugly American. She’s from Africa. How can God expect me to be happy with that going on? I’m extra nice to the lady.

Revised Goal:
Okay, if not uninterrupted, unconditional happiness, then peace of mind. And if not peace of mind uninterrupted, then at least a return to peace of mind as quickly as possible after the interruption. Geez.
“The secret to having a happy vacation is to lower your expectations.”

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  1. robert orr says:

    Bear, I am late getting to this one – but I empathize. These little disruptions and annoyances can be disconcerting. Having no expectations is my goal, which I take to be zero resistance to what is. But sometimes hard to pull off.


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