Seems to me a large, large number of we contemporary  pilgrims are on what might be called “The Book Path.” Although we may have particular “go-to” teachers and methods—even particular and favorite go-to books–  doesn’t it seem that we are always being led to the “exact right next-book,” at the exact right time? Something we read that takes us to and through the next stage on our pilgrimage?
And yes, of course, at some point we are led to put down all the books and go directly to the Source, the Presence, the Peace and Prosperity Itself, without a middle-man (woman.) But then, in my experience, we are once again led back to books to enjoy the company of those who share the wonder. Reading can in itself be a meditation, a perception, a mini-satsang.
We will soon be starting a discussion group, sharing our favorite books and teachers. (We might even call it “The Book of the Monk Club.”) To begin with, let me suggest any of the books by Joel Goldsmith, Rupert Spira, Jean Klein , Byron Katie and/or Nisargadatta Maharaj These blokes offer enough to keep any of us busy for severa;l lifetimes. (Your further suggestions are encouraged.)

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