Methods for Atheists

One of the phrases I enjoy to use with many of my atheist friends is, “I don’t believe in the God you don’t believe in either.”  In this day and age, who could believe– who would want to believe– in the Old Meanie Voyeur who slaughters his own people when they refuse to obey?  I don’t believe in that kind of God, either.

One somewhat cranky old friend, after I’d used that phrase perhaps once too often, said, “I don’t believe in any God.” Okay, okay. I openly assumed our differences in our understanding of the nature of reality are a matter of linguistic definitions. (Do you believe, for example, in “non-linear quantum fields?” If so, in my view, you are not an atheist.) You may not make such an assumption. But it’s kind of tiring and also a bit boring to talk linguistics with atheists. So…

Let’s agree that everyone– or almost everyone– wants to live more fully, more prosperously, less frantically, getting along better with family, friends and colleagues. Everyone basically wants to live a happy life, with good work and good friend and less hassle. So, towards that end for atheist friends, the methods I might recommend include;

Dream study (Dreams are a great way to examine the “non-linear” deeper brain processes.)

Self-inquiry (what is it that is aware right now?)





and as much laughter as you can muster! Life is short. Live it fully!


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