The Get High Method

Ahh, drugs sex and rock and roll. The basic “go-to” spiritual initiation into adulthood which our culture offers. What we’re looking for when we get high is more life, more reality, less boredom. And it works, for a while.
One of the things that makes The New Methodist Church unique, and very useful for our time is our recognition that getting high is, at root, an urge toward self-realization. In our culture, it is the daily sacrament for millions of people. So be it. Don’t bogart that wafer, my friend. (An earlier rendition of the New Methodist Church was the High Country Church, in service to which a number of us old friends would go out into the country, get high and talk about church!)
That said, please see my book, The Potless Pot High: How to Get High, Clear and Spunky without Weed. Getting high can be a method towards understanding and incorporating Prosperity Consciousness. Alas, in the end, it is quite inefficient and can, if one is not careful, lead one into many alleys and dead-ends, sometimes literally so.

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