Jews are between a rock and a hard place these days. (Hmm.. That sounds like a good chunk of Jewish history!)
However, I’m referring here particularly to the current state of Israel’s political leaders, who seem to express a mostly heartless, militaristic, self-enamored, victim/victimizer view of the world. Unfortunately, the “ordinary Jew in the street,” so to speak, is too often identified, by himself/herself and others, with the politics of the Jewish state.
Alas, this is just as true, and just as unfortunate, of course, with the ordinary American who has been– is– identified by himself or herself and others, with the mostly heartless, militaristic, self-enamored, “exceptionalism” of American politicians and their unworkable foreign policies.
With both Jews and Americans, the challenge for an ordinary person to lead a deeply prosperous life is to, first, go beyond, see beyond these old millennium limiting identities, and then to actively, compassionately challenge the authenticity of such un-natural identities in his or her community, be it near and far. The methods of doing this, of course, comprise all the methods here offered.

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