London Bridge Is Standing Up

For ten thousand years and more people have lived in London, just trying to make a go of it The Abbot and his wife and I and mine went to the London Museum and saw the evidence of it. It’s like a bridge, walking into the past
The museum itself was crowded with what felt like 10000 people, all looking at the remains, the evidence of the 10000 years. Baby’s crying, mothers yelling, people amazed at first this stone ax and that period costume. Wow, look at the London fire of 1682, just right after the Black Plague. Where’s the rest room?
Weren’t they all, aren’t we all just trying to find a little peace of mind, a little happiness, moment by moment, century by century? Maybe the kindest thing I can do is remember my own peace of mind, my own little piece of joy, and bring it here, now, to London, for a moment. Share it with whoever and whatever is appearing here with me. I don’t need to add to the 10,000 years of anxious grasping after more life. I can simply be the life.
After the Museum, we walked over the Millennium Bridge, with 10,000 others, and marveled at the skyline, marveled at the Thames, just rolling on, and on, and on . . .
Londoners– we can all take a little breather. We’ve arrived– after 10,000 years. We’ve arrived. Aint it all so grand?

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