The Home that Never Was by Robert Orr

It glimmers in the sunset’s hues
Amidst the silent residues;
Enshrouded in a deep chartreuse,
The home that never was.The vapid words of love and spirit
Beckon as I stumble near it;
Arms outstretched, although I fear it,
The dream that never was.

‘Delve deep within’, the wise men say,
Then turn their massive heads astray,
Enchanted while it fades away,
The smile that never was.

The children jump and clap their hands,
Enlivened by the shifting sands
And tumbling joys that time demands
Of youth that never was.

She stands before me in disguise,
But all I see are magic eyes;
Eternal solace for his cries,
The babe that never was.

The midday scene grows stranger still;
Darkness smolders, shadows thrill.
Somewhere near the teardrops spill
From heart that never was.

A spinning vortex cast in space,
I resolutely hold my place,
Residing still without a trace –
A life that never was.

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