Garisson Keiller

Although I’ve made a point of not reading anything more about Donald Trump– well, at leat not a LOT more– (publications “count” how many clicks DT gets, and if he gets a lot of clicks, they post more about him, so I don’t (usually) click)

That said, an old friend sent me a link to Garisson Keillor’s  delightful portrait of The Grump.  Keillor’s one of my favorite “let’s get real” guys,  and my old friend has a good eye for quality, so I clicked.  Here’s his first paragraph:

  The  cap does not look good on you, it’s a duffer’s cap, and when you come to the microphone, you look like the warm-up guy, the guy who announces the license number of the car left in the parking lot, doors locked, lights on, motor running. The brim shadows your face, which gives a sinister look, as if you’d come to town to announce the closing of the pulp factory. Your eyes look dead and your scowl does not suggest American greatness so much as American indigestion. Your hair is the wrong color: People don’t want a president to be that shade of blond. You know that now.

You can read the whole article here.  It’s a worthy read.

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