POETRY — “What If” by Robert Orr

Robert is a fellow traveler,  fellow foothills walker and “method of no method” enthusiast.  Although he follows the “method of no method” he is nevertheless a delightfully profound and insightful poet. Let’s hope he shares more with us soon.  Here’s his latest.

What If?

What if I were just to fade away,
Yet the vital, breathing body were to stay?
Would there be any dimming of the day?
What if all my thoughts were done at last,
And just the present things around were cast?
Would there be any future, any past?
What if I were unaware of me,
Yet all the blooming world was still to be?
Would diminution taint this realm we see?
What if no want were granted leave to plead?
Or mere imagined yearnings turned to need?
Would suffering maintain a single seed?
What if no grim contraction around fear
Were ever given license to appear?
Would not each little thing be ever dear?
What if I let me go in true release?
Would anything in Truth sustain decrease?
Or would the Real alone remain in Peace?


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