Haiku 2

White haired church deacon
–“young lad” in the London Blitz–
grins, recalls Yank’s sweets.

Brick me in, but first,
my funeral service, last rites:
old monk’s IRA.

(St Cuthbert and St. Mary’s Church and Anker site, Chester le Street 8/17/15)

Castle, tea and scones
served in the Lord’s library…
now a Motel 6.

Coal mine canary
Not hard work but few bennnies…
dead-end pension plan.

(9/18/15 Paying respects to canary cage in mining museum, Beamish)
“When the canary falls off its perch, if the men leave the area fast enough, and the canary revives, they will use it again!”

Vikings are coming!
Monks rush up hill with Saint’s bones..
We go up by bus.

Round stained glass window
thousand year old cathedral.
I sit, gaze. Heart lifts.

(8/19/15.. .Durham)

Closed up Celtic church
next to the castle ruins
weeping birch witnessed.

(8/20/15– a 300 year old Weeping Birch tree still thrives, though a few old limbs use a crutch.)

Pilgrimage sunrise.
garden sun room, coffee, peace.
What I search for’s here.

(8/21/15– Ashley House.)

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