Haiku–Short Version

summer pilgrimage
laptop packed, pants, shirts, socks, keys
life’s doors swing out, in.


Airport gate: backpacks,
t-shirts, sheik black dress, wheel chair
one jet lifts us all


Iceland: moon landing
Grey seas, white clouds, specks of green
landed: sun rises.

Tectonic plates drift
apart and moosh together:
earth’s slow-mo love play.

The penis museum–
Reykjavik’s quirky side show
wives shake their heads no

The Tube in London
runs well past midnight. I’m back!
At last! Ahh… clack clack

First morn in London
ventured out to find coffee
easy victory

Pub lunch: beer and mash
chicken pot pie, long walk home
Jet lag. What now? Nap!

Moms, tots, rose garden,
old men watch from park bench.
I join them. Life’s pink!

In shop:Oyster card?
Clerk speaks in Persian. Oh oh.
Then English. Ahh yes.

Change dollars for pounds
Inside the church: man does deal.
What would Jesus do?


London time flies past
Pushed to do too much. I pause,
visit pilgrim’s peace.

Paused to pay piper
sitting by the tube station
sweet notes fill the air

Willy and the Globe
live! four hundred years later
London bows. Me too.

Three Buddhas sit, bless
Tourists snap pics. Smiles, frowns
I watch from the bench

(8/14/5–British Museum.)

Vicky and Al’s loot–
Treasures from around the world;
Beauty out of place.

(8/15/15– Victoria and Albert Museum)

Last night in London
Such a busy place– so many!
I’ll miss it– and not.


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  1. Keep these little gems coming – never thought I’d see a travel journal in haiku!

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