The Lord’s Prayer Answered

Let’s assume for a minute that God really is God– is all powerful, all-knowing, all seeing, and thus really can answer any prayer She want to answer, and she can answer in a heartbeat.

And let’s further assume She (God) has heard the Lord’s prayer so many times over the last two thousand years that She decides She’s finally going to answer this prayer, say yes to it, completely, at every level just as it has been prayed. She has agreed to do exactly what the people have asked Her to do millions and millions of time times every day for over 700,000 days. After all, our prayers are not answered, the Bible tells us, only because we are “praying amiss.” But Jesus Himself gave us this prayer, told us to pray this way. So we might assume this prayer should pretty much hit target relative to “praying aright,” rather than “amiss.” So what does The Lord’s Prayer Answered look like? Here’s my take:

The origin of all life, which is Our  own origin ( the Father/Mother Consciousness), is already right here, right now alive within each of us, (heaven is within). This consciousness (Name) is without beginning, without end, ever loving and harmonious (Hallowed.)

The unending harmony, beauty and dignity of Life itself (the kingdom) is already perfectly established,perfectly functioning, right here right now (the kingdom has come). Love (God’s will) is the generating force of absolutely every appearance, within and without (on earth as it is in heaven).

Every day we are fully supplied with the appropriate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual food necessary for our flourishing, (Give us this day our daily bread). We are intrinsically free of all and any unhappy, unloving entanglements to the exact degree that we are willing to free others of our own unhappy judgments, demands, expectations and criticisms. (Forgive us our trespasses, our debts, as we forgive those who trespass against us, those who are indebted to us.)

We are never led into un-love, or supported in un-love, but rather we are time and again freed from un-loving, un-happy judgments, feelings and actions. (Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil). Life’s sustaining, empowered beauty and dignity is ever present, ever obvious, ever tangible, ever harmonious, ever right here, ever right now. (Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, for ever and ever.)

So be it. So let it be. (Amen.)

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