The Secret of Easy Riches

After reading “The Outsider” trilogy by the existentialist philosopher Colin Wilson, I became convinced of the deep necessity and simple practicality of articulating a “life purpose.”  (Sounds goofy, I know, but read Wilson’s trilogy and see if you aren’t likewise convinced.)

In a nutshell, it became clear to me that without knowing–without consciously establishing, recognizing my own overarching “life’s purpose,” –I would be continually at the mercy of a myriad of smaller purposes, from taking out the garbage to ending the wars to losing 15 pounds. I needed– wanted, yearned for–a single “life purpose”  that would guide me in the small and large activities of my daily life, again, from taking out the garbage and loading the dishwasher to helping end human trafficking and de-militarizing the planet..

As previous essays have indicated, my current expression or articulation of my life purpose is: “To intentionally experience and express the flow of prosperity in ever deeper, ever more artful ways, in whatever form the moment inspires or requires.”

In one moment the “form” of the flow of prosperity might be unloading the dishwasher, in another moment it might be standing in front of a tank in Tianamon Square.  Each of these are perfect expressions–inspirations flowing from the “the experience of the flow of prosperity.”

So here’s the “secret good news” which comes with practicing this purpose of life:  when you experience the flow of prosperity, the expression of prosperity most often follows effortlessly, spontaneously, without personal will.  The experience of the flow of prosperity brings us into that flow!  The flow is always already present, but we are not generally always aware of such presence.To become aware of such presence– to become aware of the  flow of prosperity– is generally the only place where our personal intention must be  utilized.

As Colin Wilson put it: “Man is free all the time, but he confronts his freedom.only at long intervals.”  To experience the flow of prosperity is to experience freedom. Our work here, or perhaps it’s our quest, is to shorten the intervals between our various experiences of the flow of prosperity.

To experience and express the flow of prosperity” is not as difficult as it at first may appear simply because the “flow of prosperity” is our basic nature. As we relax into our basic nature, the purpose of our life is fulfilled!

Again, here’s the secret: when we experience the flow of prosperity, we can’t help but to effortlessly express  prosperity. So all we have to do is to direct our intention, which is our attention to the momentary flow of prosperity. The appropriate expression for that moment will then become obvious, and will occur (mostly) effortlessly because Prosperity loves to express herself (Herself)   through us and in us!

Easy riches here, yes?


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