The Method of No Method

The daisy doesn’t need a method to be a daisy. Similarly, we don’t need a method to be who we naturally (peaceably) are.

The “method of no method”  is actually a very advanced method.  Indeed, it may be the “last method” that we  employ on our journey of experiencing and expressing well-being,  experiencing and expressing more life, more love  in ever deeper, ever more artful forms, in whatever way the moment requires or inspires.
Alas, even though “the method of no method” is a very advanced method– the method that we naturally adopt and make our own after exploring and  mastering to an extent most of the other methods– it nevertheless, in our culture, tends to be the first and  sometimes only method adhered to by much of the population for the evolution of consciousness .
Well, maybe not the only method. In addition to the “method of no method,” many folks add the methods of “hoping for the best,” “blind faith,” “plain dumb luck,” and a cultural favorite:  “work your fingers to the bone”,  or, when all else fails, just blame other people for our unhappy and constrained circumstances. (Drugs, sex and rock and roll are each methods in their own right, and thus, no matter how in-artfully practiced,  do not qualify under the “method of no method.” )

Here’s how the more “advanced” user of the method-of-no-method understands this method: “When you have rowed the boat across the river and reached the other side, you don’t need to pick up the boat and take it with you. You no longer need the boat.
The amateur dives into the river without the boat, hoping to learn how to swim before sinking too many times. Some of us have been wet so long, we’re ready for the more practical approach, more direct methods.

Of course, some  suggest “there is no other side,” that right where we are is heaven on earth, and that we don’t need a “method” to bring us to where we already are.  And that, in its absolute sense, is  absolutely true. In the New Buddhist Methodist Church and Art Studio, we suggest that if  we truly are so advanced that we no longer need “methods or art” to be right where we are, the ” signs following” us  will be joy, peace and physical, emotional and mental  healing, for ourselves and others, wherever we go.

Most of us are not yet adept at consistently expressing such a natural peaceable presence, and so still welcome at least a few  artful methods to help us loose these inherited chains.

Nevertheless, the very advanced  “Method of No Method” is what many of us often  practice in our day by day lives,  just because . . .

We would be interested in hearing about your own method of practicing “the method of no method.”  (Life is paradoxical, isn’t it?)  Contact us here:

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