Even if You’re Atheist or Agnostic…

I recently posted a review on Amazon of  Pilgrimage, My  Search for the Real Pope Francis, by Mark Shriver.  I thought it was a great book.  Here’s my review, so you don’t have to go to amazon if you don’t want:  

Seems like most of my friends these days are atheists, or at best,  agnostics. Nevertheless, I happily recommend this book to all of them.

As a Buddhist Methodist, I picked this book up from the library, thinking I would skim it, get the highlights, see  what the Catholics were up to – – then get it back to the library in a week or so. I found I couldn’t put it down, and didn’t want to take it back. It’s a beautiful work.

Mark Shriver is a wonderful writer – – easy, casual, insightful, funny and honest.  And this new Pope – – Francis – – is a man worth getting to know much, much better.  The more you know him, the more you trust him. This book helps us all do just that, with many rewards.

Shriver himself was curious. So he went to South America and interviewed all of Francis’ old friends, and enemies, and neighbors, and fellow pilgrims. Well, not all of them. But a rich rainbow of South American contemporaries who new Pope Francis before he was Pope. The guy is the real McCoy. (Pope McCoy?)

I am ever so grateful there’s a man heading the Catholic church who possesses true intellectual depth, and unflinching moral integrity, and basic human love and compassion. This book is written by another man of similar qualities. Get this book, read this book, even if you’re an atheist or an agnostic. But especially if you are Christian or Buddhist.  It’s a light in the darkness.

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